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F.U. Lumps


Honored Hero Letter for Phoneix 08' TNT Participants

Jan 12, 2008

Hello Northside, Metro and the rest of the Georgia TNT group out there in Phoenix!

Katie asked me if I would write a little something she could read to you all as you are about to embark on another phase of your TNT journey, the actual event you’ve been training for. WOW – I wish I could be with you to see all your faces when you cross that finish line! It’s a fantastic feeling that I will never forget!

I bet you wondering who I am and why I’ve been asked to share my feelings with you. My name is Jill Powers and I am the Honored Hero for the Northside Team. I am in Orlando with the other part of the team this weekend cheering them on. I had the pleasure of crossing the finish line in Phoenix last year as a participant with TNT and what an awesome time it was. Enjoy every minute of the race, even if you think you want to give up – you’ve trained for this – you’ll get to the end!!!

As one of the Honored Hero’s for TNT I just wanted to say a BIG Thank You. You will not only accomplish an amazing journey when you cross that finish line tomorrow, but I’m sure you will have help saved many lives along the way – including mine of course! I have been lucky for the last 3 years that I have not needed any treatment, but that luck has run out. I’m a few weeks away from my start of treatment for my Lymphoma and I plan to approach it the same way I have all my TNT events. One day at a time, knowing if I do all the right things there will be a grand finish at the end and a reason to celebrate! And Celebrate that something we know TNT’ers know how to do……

I hope to see all of you out there again for another TNT event in the future. I’m sure you’ll be hooked as I was after my first event. After being diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2004 I joined TNT and have participated in 4 ½ Marathons & 1 Triathlon. I guess you could call me a TNT junkie now – I plan on doing the Tahoe Century Ride this year, providing my treatment is a success – so keep your fingers crossed!

Again, many thanks for the millions of us whose lives are touched by the struggle with Blood Cancer. Every step you take tomorrow is one step closer to a cure!!!!

Now go out there an kick some TNT Butt!!! GO TEAM!!!!